Dear Friends,

I am happy to be at last! able to begin a forum on the great art of the world, and more particularly on the great masters of painting. If everything goes right, it will be a simple - yet as comprehensive as possible - exhibition of the best painting and sculpture in the world's history, and will include a short notice about the artist and his work. I will try to make it follow the main historic trends and schools but in as flexible a way as possible.

I have wished to start this forum with "Rest On Flight To Egypt," a beautiful painting by the well known Baroque master Caravaggio - also known as "The other Michelangelo" - for no other reason than its being a fine example of a most dramatic and unconventional painting, as well as one of my own favorites of all times. And I expect to be adding another master's artwork - hopefully in a more or less orderly way - every second or third day during the next few weeks.

Please forgive any errors or misconceptions. Good feedback is always welcome.

Thank you,

Luis Miguel Goitizolo


Rest on Flight to Egypt
by Caravaggio

born 1571?, Milan? [Italy]
died July 18, 1610, Port'Ercole, Tuscan

Profile (2)

byname of  Michelangelo Merisi  Italian painter whose revolutionary technique of tenebrism, or dramatic, selective illumination of form out of deep shadow, became a hallmark of Baroque painting (see photograph). Scorning the traditional idealized interpretation of religious subjects, he took his models from the streets and painted them realistically. His three paintings of St. Matthew (c. 15971602) caused a sensation and were followed by such masterpieces as The Supper at Emmaus (159698) and Death of the Virgin (160103).

Technical data (3)

Rest on Flight to Egypt
Oil on canvas, 1596-1597
52 1/2 x 65 1/2 inches (133.5 x 166.5 cm)
Galleria Doria-Pamphili, Rome


(1) This image by a courtesy of Art Renewal Center.

(2) Source: Encyclopaedia Britannica Online.

(3) Source: Art Renewal Center.