She is widely known by now in many countries, and has been featured already in forums everywhere and here at Adland. Some time in the past I heard of her, but did not pay much attention – until recently. I just needed to view her art!

The Self-portrait (at Age 4)

Akiane Kramarik is now a delicate girl of 13 who lives with her parents and siblings in Idaho, USA. She sketched with great mastery since she was four, drawing attention internationally, and featuring as special guest at many highly ranked TV shows. Boys and girls the likes of her are sometimes referred to as indigo children.


The Butterfly Passion


Her paintings are sold at prices ranging from 22 to 55 thousand dollars. She does big charity contributions to alleviate poverty and hunger, mainly among children.




Akiane is also a most praised poetess and speaks Russian, Lituan and English. She credits God for her talents and her greatest wish is for “everybody to love God and one another.”

The Pyramids

Akiane studies at home only by the homeschooling system and she rarely watches TV.

The Change 

With regard to her education, she comments: “I love to only study at home. Thus I have more time to pray, paint, write, spend time with my family, and play with my little baby brother and my doggie. I really like Homeschooling.”


On My Knees talked with Akiane and her mother Forelli Kramarik about her art and her relationship with God. Mistress Kramarik comments for how her whole family did not believe in God and converted to Christ because of Akiane’s visions when she began to have them at age four.

The Prince of Peace 


It is those visions and talks with God that drove Akiane to her art. Her mother stressed on the girl’s rising daily at 5 am for prayer and to begin her painting.



Akiane described her experiences: “Every morning and evening I converse with God. It is as if a voice in my mind is talking with me.”


* * *

NOTE: I hope to resume very soon my series on the "Great Masters of the World" which I had to put off indefinitely for lack of time. In the meantime, I will try to feature other great artists of our time   

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